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As certified environmental remediation consulting, remediation and contracting experts, Firstech Environmental provides a hands-on approach to oil tank removal, environmental remediation consulting and excavation services. Our knowledgeable employees are oil tank removal experts in the state of New Jersey. As a Certified NJDEP UST Certified Contractor, we can work with you to resolve any underground oil tank issues that you may have including tank removal, soil and groundwater testing, remediation, treatment, forensics, scanning and cleanup

Since 1996, Firstech Environmental has provided turnkey consulting and remediation solutions for a range of environmental challenges, with NJDEP closure on nearly 1,000 properties, over 3,500 oil tanks decommissioned.

Request a quote on your project, or contact Firstech for more information on our environmental remediation consulting and contracting services. Firstech Environmental is an oil tank removal certified firm throughout the state of NJ.

Environmental Consulting, Contracting & Remediation NJ Service Area

Located in Monmouth County, Firstech Environmental provides complete environmental remediation, consulting and contracting services for clients throughout the entire State of New Jersey. As an NJDEP Certified Contractor, our experienced staff provides safe, responsive, and cost-effective environmental services. These services include, but are not limited to, environmental consulting, groundwater and soil remediation, and oil tank cleanup.

Firstech Environmental serves the following New Jersey counties:

  • Atlantic County
  • Bergen County
  • Burlington County
  • Camden County
  • Cape May County
  • Cumberland County
  • Essex County
  • Gloucester County
  • Hudson County
  • Hunterdon County
  • Mercer County

NJDEP Certified UST Contractor in the State of New Jersey

With over 23 years of experience as oil tank removal specialists within the state of New Jersey, Firstech Environmental has the knowledge and ability to provide oil tank removal services for any job, no matter how complex. There are several things to consider when searching for a dependable oil tank closure company like Firstech, they include:

  • Will the tank removal contract ensure that someone will be ON-SITE to oversee the UST removal who is NJDEP certified for UST closure?
  • Does the tank removal contract assume the tank is leaking?
  • Does the tank removal contract have a fixed cost to collect and analyze soil samples in accordance with applicable NJDEP regulations should evidence of a tank leak be documented?
  • A determining decision if the oil tank leaked is confirmed via the required municipal construction inspection.

Environmental Remediation Consulting and Contracting Services for Oil Tank Removal throughout NJ 

As a New Jersey based company, Firstech Environmental is an NJDEP certified contractor that has the capabilities to provide premium, start-to-finish oil tank solutions for your tank removal and remediation needs. From filing the initial municipal tank removal permit applications to completing the final paperwork, we handle every step of the tank removal process

Contact Firstech for Oil Tank Removal in the New Jersey Service Area Today

Contact us to learn more about our Environmental Remediation, Consulting and Contracting services for oil tank removal throughout the state of New Jersey, or Request a quote on your environmental consultation or remediation project today.