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New Jersey Wetlands Building Permits

Wetlands and coastal regulations

Wetlands regulations
Buying commercial or residential real estate? Are you concerned that wetlands may be present? Wetlands are typically associated with standing water (e.g., lakes, ponds, streams, etc.); however, wetlands may be present even when there is no standing water on-site.
The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Development regulates wetland areas or their buffers (up to 150'). Before you purchase a property, you must determine the limits of these areas in order to assess the development potential for the site.
Extensive wetlands and/or buffers, or the presence of a threatened or endangered species may limit or prohibit development of a property.
Activities such as construction and renovations in a wetland or buffer area will require permits from the NJDEP. Failure to obtain the required permits may result in fines or penalties from the NJDEP.

Wetlands boundary solutions
Choosing the correct consultant to weed through the regulations can be the difference between the success and failure of your project goals.
There are over 25 permits that can be utilized to maximize development on your property. Firstech Environmental consultants can help you determine which permits will work best for you. Our consultants will take the time to understand your requirements and your goals so that the proper permits may be filed on your behalf.

DO NOT LET the NJDEP delineate your wetlands; their boundaries are VERY conservative, and you will lose valuable land. We have seen this all too often and it is difficult to reverse the NJDEP delineations or rulings once they have set the boundaries.

Please contact us regarding your wetlands property.