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Firstech environmental consulting & contracting

Project approach

Firstech Environmental provides high quality consulting and contracting services. We constantly develop innovative strategies and solutions to assist clients in completing projects as safely and cost-effectively as possible. Excellent internal communication, proper resource allocation, and a well-planned project schedule are keys to ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.

An implementation schedule and a cost estimate are developed for each project, defining anticipated labor hours, materials, travel, and other requirements. Technical supervision, the manner in which each work assignment is conducted, and implementation of cost-schedule-performance controls are provided as part of Firstech Environmental's day-to-day project management.

Step 1: Project strategies and planning

Prior to the start of each project, Firstech Environmental reviews and evaluates the existing on-site information, technical data, and specifications provided by the client. We clearly define the overall objectives of the project, the results to be obtained, safety measures, channels of communication and interaction, and the overall project schedule for ensuring technical and operational coordination and consistency with each client's goals. Firstech Environmental's primary project objectives are to minimize the overall work costs, and to ensure the successful closure of the project.

Step 2: Work implementation

Firstech Environmental conducts a thorough inspection of the site and the surrounding area(s). We then discuss the overall scope-of-work, both to outline what to expect during the project and to answer any questions the client may have.

Step 3: Project management/site closure

During the life span of each project, Firstech Environmental Project Managers maintain constant communication with our clients, including budget updates, cost controls, and quarterly/monthly status reports summarizing project activities. In conjunction with our project management functions, Firstech Environmental never loses sight of the goal of our projects, which is to achieve a cost-effective strategy with an approach directed toward the successful closure of the project.

Project summaries

Project summaries in which Firstech Environmental's professional staff addressed environmental situations at various types of sites are presented in Case studies. In each case, we developed and implemented a project closure strategy to effectively address any environmental impact, while reducing our client's environmental costs and achieving their goals.

Quality assurance and quality control measures

The Firstech Environmental Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program is based on the philosophy of thorough planning, including controls to detect deviations from the plan and systematic corrections. The procedures and specifications, which form the basis of the Firstech Environmental QA/QC program, constitute a proven method for ensuring that work is performed as specified, on time and within budget. We provide a QA/QC program with specific strategies and appropriate quality control measures to achieve a high degree of confidence in generating data in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Field activities conform to NJDEP approved sampling methodology and can be made available as written procedures that include quality control procedures. Project personnel possess the appropriate qualifications and training, and are familiar with the protocols that ensure the proper execution of all projects. Field sampling procedures are completed in accordance with the NJDEP Field Sampling Procedure Manual (May, 1992).