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Environmental remediation contractors

LSRP contractors

Firstech’s highly skilled and experienced field operations crews can communicate clearly and quickly with the LSRP of record to complete field services with the budget in mind for the responsible party.

Firstech has provided excavation, structural support installation, and other contracting services to LSRP’s and various environmental consultants for nearly twenty years.

Get your RAO fast!  

The RAO letter (Response Action Outcome letter)
Prior to the SRRA, a completed remediation project concluded with a No Further Action letter issued by the NJDEP. This letter stated all actions taken, and all remediation requirements, resulted in the site meeting environmental compliance standards of the NJDEP. Under the new NJDEP LSRP guidelines, the new (and essentially the same) RAO letter will be issued but will now be authored by the LSRP remediating the site. The RAO carries with it, as an operation of law, a Covenant Not to Sue, protecting subsequent property owners from actions by the state environmental problems which they did not cause.

Firstech Environmental is a full service environmental contractor who works closely with LSRPs on regulated sites, providing services which include, but are not limited to: site remediation, UST closures, helical pier installation, excavation/trenching, and groundwater sampling.  

The benefits of working with Firstech Environmental are:

Customer Satisfaction: 98% with hundreds of client reviews since 2003
Business Development: RECIPROCAL Networking Opportunities!
LSRP Support Services: DEP Lab Certified for Groundwater Sampling
Proven Experience: Established 1996

Contact us today for your LSRP support needs!