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Underground oil storage tanks throughout New Jersey were the norm for heating homes and businesses for generations. However, with the rise of natural gas as a source for heating fuel, underground heating oil tanks are becoming increasingly obsolete. If not removed, inactive or “orphaned”, underground oil tanks can create a variety of problems. These problems include contamination to both subsurface soil and groundwater as well as potential impacts to interior home air and potable water contamination. Underground oil tanks contain vent pipes that allow passive ventilation of the oil fumes from within the tank. However, these vents also expose the inside of the tank to outside elements, such as moisture in the air. Over an extended period, these elements, when combined with moisture and water in soils surrounding the UST itself, will start to rust and corrode the tank from the inside and outside. If the bottom of the tank rusts through and the tank’s contents begin to leak into the surrounding soil and groundwater, it can produce an expensive and messy cleanup process for the owner of the property.

Complete Oil Tank Disposal Solutions & Advantages

At Firstech Environmental our oil tank removal services are designed to clear your property of any oil tanks that may be a threat to your property. The only 100% effective solution to ensure that your property is not compromised due to leaking oil is complete oil tank removal. Our oil tank specialists are leading providers of oil tank removal services in New Jersey. With decades of experience and a skilled team, we can complete nearly all oil tank removal projects in just one day. Some of the other advantages associated with oil tank services include:

Advantages Working with a NJDEP Certified Oil Tank Service Company

With over 20 years of experience as oil tank solution specialists within the state of New Jersey, Firstech Environmental has the knowledge and wherewithal to provide oil tank removal services for any job, no matter how complex. However, there are other companies out there without significant experience, or those that are trying to make a quick-buck without putting in the necessary work. There are several things to look for when searching for a reputable oil tank closure company like Firstech, they include:

  • Will the tank removal contract ensure that someone will be on-site for the UST removal who is NJDEP licensed for compliance purposes?
  • Does the tank removal contract assume the tank is leaking and have a fixed cost to collect samples?
  • The contract does not include the collection and analysis of soil samples form an on-site NJDEP subsurface evaluator for the purpose of NJDEP Compliance should evidence of a UST discharge be identified.
  • The determining decision if the oil tank leaked is made via the construction inspection.

Feel Free to Call Firstech Environmental for Tank Removal Services

Firstech Environmental is the only resource you need for complete, start-to-finish oil tank removal. We frequently provide one-day service for projects throughout New Jersey. If you have questions regarding oil tank removal, click here to request a quote or contact us to learn more.