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Petroleum age dating & environmental forensics

Environmental forensics timeline

Petroleum contamination age dating

Determining the approximate age of a discharge has become an important part of a leaking underground storage tank investigation. The growing demand for discharge contaminant age dating has resulted from insurance policy "pollution exclusion" clauses and for insurance subrogation purposes.

Firstech's clients requiring petroleum age dating information on an underground storage tank discharge include:

  • Homeowners denied insurance coverage due to a pollution exclusion clause
  • Homeowners required to provide proof of exposure to previous insurance carriers
  • Lenders attempting to determine potential for cost recovery for remediation work
  • Insurance carriers with potential avenues of subrogation
  • Insurance carriers defending subrogation claim
  • Homeowners and/or Insurance carriers required to provide verification of percent cost allocation
  • Litigation defense support

Hire a NJDEP Certified Contractor

Our professional staff is capable of providing you with an investigation that ranges from existing data evaluation to a more thorough and defensible suite of investigations-completed in-house and designed to get you the information you need. Please contact us now to discuss your issue and the best method of obtaining the end result you need.