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Environmental claims consulting & remediation oversight

To limit their exposure to environmental claims, Firstech’s insurance carrier clientele regularly turn to us for our vast knowledge and experience in environmental consulting and environmental remediation contracting.

Firstech’s Environmental Cleanup Consulting & Oversight Services

As licensed site remediation professionals (LSRPs) and UHOT-certified consultants, we provide clients throughout New Jersey with a variety of environmental claims consulting and remediation oversight services. These include, but are not limited to:

Site Investigations

We can quickly and efficiently complete investigations at sites to document the presence or absence of soil and groundwater impact for third party liability determination.

Project Evaluations

Evaluation of a contractor’s proposed scope-of-work to assure the viability and cost effectiveness of the plan.

Environmental Cleanup Oversight

Direct oversight of contracting services to assure that the project is properly staffed, that the proper equipment is used to assure that the project is progressing at the best possible pace. We can also provide spot checking of site remediation projects to provide the adjuster with an independent assessment of the project and an immediate determination of the remediation progress.

Safety Assessments

Ensure that site work is being completed in a safe manner so that the insurance carrier or policy holder is not exposed to greater liability.

Project Streamlining

With our experience with permitting requirements, structural support techniques, and environmental cleanup methodologies, we can help eliminate unnecessary activities, equipment, or personnel at a project and direct the project toward an expedited closure with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).

Project Review/Second Opinions

Firstech can provide you with a project review and second professional opinion for your environmental claim, FREE OF CHARGE.

Claims Consulting, Remediation Oversight & LSRP Services in New Jersey

Firstech’s personalized service will save you time and money on your environmental cleanup claims, and regular communication with your assigned Project Manager will keep you up to date with each assignment.

Our environmental claims consulting and remediation oversight services are tailored to best serve your needs. Contact Firstech today to find out what we can do for you.