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Underground oil tank scanning

Purchasing a home is a big step, and it can be stressful enough without the added worry of whether or not there is an existing Underground Storage Tank on the property. These underground tanks were once used to store heating oil, but were abandoned when heating systems switched to gas. There are a surprisingly high number of properties out there with unmarked, underground oil tanks, especially older homes.

As they age, underground oil tanks deteriorate and may start leaking oil into the surrounding soil, or they may collapse and create a sinkhole. Taking possession of a property with an unknown tank leaves the buyer responsible for any cleanup costs even if they have no prior knowledge of its existence.

To find underground tanks, many prospective homebuyers will have an oil tank sweep performed during the home inspection period, prior to purchase. Having an oil tank scan performed on a property will eliminate any question marks and can save buyers from liability concerns in the future.

Firstech is New Jersey’s #1 provider of underground oil tank scan services. We are the proven experts, with decades of success and a 97% customer satisfaction ranking. Request a quote for an oil tank sweep on your residential property, or contact us to learn more.

How an Oil Tank Sweep Works

An underground oil tank sweep is actually a fairly straightforward process. To start, Firstech personnel will perform a limited site inspection of all visually accessible areas of the existing structure to determine if any evidence of underground storage tank components are present. Oil tank pipes/caps in sidewalks or other paved areas, burner shutoff switches, and fill pipes, vent pipes, or copper fuel lines exiting the foundation are just a few of the telltale signs of an underground tank. Any areas or items of concern will be noted and photo-documented.

After completing the basement inspection, the Firstech oil tank sweep technician will utilize a metal detector to scan the ground in a 10-foot perimeter around the existing home at the property.  Any evidence of buried metallic objects or “anomalies” will be noted, and the area photo-documented.

When the oil tank scan is completed, Firstech will prepare a summary report that documents the inspection activities, site observations/findings, and recommendations for additional investigation, if necessary.

Hire a NJDEP UST Certified Contractor for your Project

No other provider in New Jersey can match Firstech’s experience and expertise—we are the oil tank sweep experts! Request a quote today, or contact us to learn more about our underground oil tank scan procedures.