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Oil tank sweeps and underground tank scanning services provide an effective way to locate both active and inactive underground oil storage tanks within a property.There are a surprisingly high number of properties out there with “orphaned”, underground oil tanks, especially older homes. It is these deteriorating oil tanks that pose a potential risk to your property and the surrounding environment and you should make every effort to identify them to decrease or eliminate the potential for property and environmental damage.

Underground oil tank scanning

Contact us for more information regarding our underground oil tank sweep services and residential tank scans. You can also call us at 800-997-2820 and we will be happy to assist you with any residential oil tank scan questions that you may have. 

How Does an Oil Tank Scan Work? 

An underground oil tank sweep is a straightforward process that starts with Firstech personnel performing a limited site inspection of all visually accessible areas of the existing structure. This helps to determine if any evidence of underground storage tank components exists within your property. Some of the signs of an underground tank that we look for, include: 

  • Oil tank pipes/caps in sidewalks or other paved areas
  • Oil burner shutoff switches
  • Fill pipes
  • Vent pipes
  • Copper fuel lines

Underground Oil Tank Scan Services Protect Potential Home Buyers

As they age, underground oil tanks deteriorate and may start leaking oil into the surrounding soil, or they may collapse and create a sinkhole. Taking possession of a property with an unknown tank leaves the buyer responsible for any cleanup costs even if they have no prior knowledge of its existence. 

To find underground tanks, many prospective homebuyers will have an oil tank sweep performed during the home inspection period, prior to purchase. Having an oil tank scan performed on a property will eliminate any question marks and can save buyers from potential future liability concerns.

We are the proven experts, with decades of success and a 99% customer satisfaction ranking. Request a quote for an oil tank sweep on your residential property, or contact us to learn more.

Underground Scanning Services Protect Homeowners from Potential Risk

If an underground oil tank exists within your property, the risk of an eventual oil leak is significant. By performing an underground oil tank sweep or residential tank scan you can potentially save yourself thousands of dollars in future costs and numerous headaches. Some of the potential risks associated with underground oil tanks, include:

  • Expensive cleanup costs
  • Adverse health risks
  • Decreased property value
  • Potential lawsuits
  • Negative environmental impact 

Contact Firstech Environmental for Underground Oil Tank Scan Services Today

Request a quote, or contact us to learn more about our underground residential tank scan procedures today.