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Helical pile installationHelical piers are anchors that are attached to a foundation to provide stability in less than favorable soil conditions. They can be used to repair an existing condition or can be installed prior to construction to provide a stable, unsettling foundation on which to build. Benefits of helical pier include:

  • Can be installed in limited access areas and/or directly adjacent to existing structures
  • Installed to depth with little noise and no vibration (unlike driven piles)
  • Installed below ground level and are unseen following completion
  • A small excavator is utilized for installation
  • Lift/restore a small area of settled foundation or provide support for entire structure
  • A long-term, versatile solution
  • Firstech Environmental is Chance™ Certified
  • 30-year Chance™ warranty (best in industry!)

Helical piers are not only used to repair existing problems, but can also be installed as a preventative measure.  A new structure sitting on compromised soil can benefit from helical piers for increased stability.

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