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If you live in New Jersey, it’s likely you or someone you know has had to deal with oil tank removal or soil remediation. Many homes and businesses have abandoned underground oil tanks on their property, and they often go undetected until they begin to leak.  

Leaking oil tanks pose a health threat to humans and contaminate the environment. Conducting an oil tank sweep, tank removal and soil or groundwater testing are proactive ways of detecting potential issues to avoid costly soil and groundwater remediation projects down the road. Contact our NJDEP licensed and certified professionals today to discuss our oil tank removal and environmental consulting services in Middlesex County, New Jersey.  

Oil Tank Removal & Oil Tank Sweep Services in Middlesex County, NJ

Many oil tanks are constructed from materials (i.e. steel) prone to corrosion, resulting in potential oil leaks and environmental contamination. Our Middlesex County, NJ oil tank sweep and oil tank removal services help you identify potential issues and successfully remove tanks before they become a problem. We assist you with the investigation, testing, and permitting to ensure everything is in place for your Middlesex County, NJ oil tank removal project. 

Our services for oil tank removal in Middlesex County, NJ include:

Environmental Consulting Services in Middlesex County, NJ

As a full-service company, we also offer several environmental consulting services for the investigation and remediation of hazardous substances in Middlesex County, NJ. All our services are performed by state licensed professionals and include:  

Hire Licensed and Certified Experts for Your Middlesex County, NJ Oil Tank Removal

Firstech Environmental, Inc. has an entire team of NJDEP licensed and certified professionals experienced in oil tank removal and remediation. Our licensed and certified professionals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you with regulatory compliance questions. 

Whether you need oil tank oil testing in Middlesex County, NJ or assistance with full site remediation, our licensed oil tank removal experts are here to help. We are bound by a strict code of ethics under the NJDEP and have hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers.

Get Started on Your Middlesex County, NJ Oil Tank Sweep or Removal Today

Connect with us to learn more about our services for oil tank removal and soil and groundwater remediation in Middlesex County, NJ or request a quote for your project.