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To avoid the lengthy and layered expenses of an environmental cleanup process it is important to consider oil tank removal services. As a New Jersey based company, Firstech Environmental is NJDEP certified and has the capabilities to provide premium, start-to-finish oil tank solutions for your tank disposal needs. From filing the initial municipal tank removal permit applications to completing the final paperwork, we handle every step of the tank removal process. The following schedule provides an example of what a typical oil tank disposal project will consist of:

Oil tank removal step 1

8:30 AM
Using a small, rubber-track excavator to minimize landscape disturbance, the Firstech Environmental team uncovers the top of the tank.


Oil tank removal step 2 9:00 AM
Safety is a major concern when it comes to oil tank removal. The Firstech team utilizes all the necessary personal protective equipment when cutting open the top of the exposed tank and throughout all work associated with your oil tank removal project.


Oil tank removal step 3 10:00 AM
Fully equipped with respirators, Tyvek™ suits, and rubber boots and gloves, Firstech Environmental personnel safely enter the open tank to remove any remaining sludge.


Oil tank removal step 4 11:00 AM
Using the latest approved technology, the tank is removed from the ground. We use proven processes to minimize disturbance to both the tank and the surrounding area. Once the tank is removed, it is placed on the ground nearby to await the township inspector. Following inspection, the tank is removed from the property and disposed of via state-approved methods.


Oil tank removal step 5 12:00 PM
The general excavation area for a 550 gallon tank is approximately 6' x 8'. After inspection, the excavation area is backfilled with certified clean fill material. Approximately two weeks after the completion of your oil tank removal project, Firstech will provide you with a comprehensive oil tank closure report that includes copies of all certifications and disposal tickets.

Contact Firstech - a NJDEP UST Certified Contractor for your Tank Removal Services

Firstech Environmental is the only resource you need for complete, start-to-finish oil tank removal. We frequently provide one-day service for projects throughout New Jersey. If you have questions regarding oil tank removal, request a quote or contact us to learn more.