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Environmental consulting firms work with residential, commercial, and industrial clients to ensure they are working in compliance with environmental regulations. Most industries, including construction, manufacturing, and development, use environmental companies for site remediation, environmental construction, and other field support services to manage/mitigate their impact on their properties.

Firstech Environmental provides environmental consulting services in New Jersey to evaluate environmental insurance claims, leaking and non-leaking underground tanks, buildable wetlands and Pinelands areas. Firstech also performs Phase I & II investigations for commercial, and industrial clients alike. Our goal is to evaluate your current situation so we can consult you on the best possible cost-effective solution.

Environmental consulting

Learn more about our environmental consulting New Jersey services below or contact us to discuss your specific concern or project. 

Environmental Consulting Services from NJDEP Licensed and Certified Professionals in NJ 

Petroleum Age Dating and Environmental Forensics

Petroleum contamination age dating is an important part of leaking underground storage tank investigations for proof of tank discharge for insurance coverage. New Jersey residents often request these services from environmental companies in NJ for insurance coverage determination and to determine the applicability of pollution exclusion clauses in their insurance policy.  Our staff can assist with completing the hydrocarbon Age Dating investigation and the collection of applicable samples for laboratory analysis and evaluation. 

Environmental Claims Consulting and Remediation Oversight

Our NJDEP licensed and certified professionals provide services including site investigations, project evaluations, overseeing environmental cleanup, safety assessments, and more.  As an experienced New Jersey environmental consulting firm, we can review, re-align and manage your entire remediation project, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

UHOT - Unregulated Heating Oil Tank Program

As NJDEP licensed and certified professionals, Firstech Environmental consulting and contracting can investigate and remediate unregulated heating oil tank discharges with limited NJDEP oversight. This allows Firstech to request and obtain a NJDEP No Further Action (NFA) letter directly from the NJDEP.

NJ Wetlands Delineations and Regulatory Construction Permits 

Choosing the right environmental consulting firm to “weed” through the NJ Wetlands regulations can be the difference between the success and failure of your project goals. If you have a wetland system suspected on your property or are preparing to purchase one that might, we can help you assess development potential and navigate the NJDEP permit process.

NJ Pinelands Building Permits

The Pinelands Commission Permitting process can be lengthy and overwhelming. Our experience and expertise as a New Jersey environmental consulting firm can move you through this process quickly to get you the permit(s) you need for housing renovations, new developments, and other projects in the Pinelands Preservation Area of New Jersey. 

ISRA Property Protection 

It’s important to know exactly what environmental problems you are inheriting when you purchase a commercial or industrial property. Our environmental consulting services include assistance with due diligence processes including Phase I property protection and ISRA investigations.

Child Care Centers

As of June 2007, all child-care centers in NJ must use NJDEP Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) to conduct a site investigation prior to obtaining or to maintain their State Daycare License. We assist you with the Preliminary Assessment process and help you complete the necessary steps for obtaining a Response Action Outcome (RAO) letter in a timely manner. 

Vacuum Truck Services

Firstech vacuum truck services can assist clients in performing projects such as total fluid recovery (TFR) events or emergency spill removal. Removing liquid contaminants from the environment can save thousands of dollars in overall site remediation project completion costs.

New Jersey SRRA for New Jersey Environmental Consulting Firms

The New Jersey Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) was enacted to streamline the investigation and remediation of hazardous substances discharged into the environment. These processes were previously handled solely by the NJDEP, resulting in a severe backlog of cases under review. Under the act, Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRPs) have the authority to handle these processes without prior NJDEP approval. 

LSRPs are a category of environmental professionals licensed by the State of New Jersey. They oversee environmental investigation/remediation activities on regulated sites within mandatory timeframes required by the NJDEP.  Licensed Site Remediation Professionals also provide a variety of environmental consulting services including:

  • Site assessment for environmental cleanup sites
  • Preliminary environmental/remediation project planning for residential and commercial construction
  • Remediation permit process assistance for construction and renovation projects
  • And much more 

Contact Us for Environmental Consulting in New Jersey

We are an environmental consulting and contracting company in NJ providing consulting and environmental remediation contracting services for commercial and residential clients. Contact us today to learn more about our environmental consulting services or to discuss your project needs