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NJ Phase 1 property investigation

Who governs Phase 1 property investigations?
Phase 1 ESAs completed by Firstech Environmental comply with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 1527E standard. Firstech Environmental is aware that many lending institutions and investment companies have specific requirements and/or formats that are in addition to those outlined within ASTM standard. We will tailor the Phase 1 ESA to fulfill the specific requirements of the client and prepare a report that will satisfy even the most demanding customer. This investigation strategy maximizes the information that you obtain for a given property and minimizes your ultimate liability.

Firstech Environmental experience
Firstech Environmental's experience in the fields of underground storage tank removal, soil investigations, groundwater investigations, wetland delineation, and solid and hazardous waste recognition allow us to maximize the effect of the Phase 1, thereby minimizing the unknowns of a property environmental condition.

Firstech Environmental utilizes the vast experience of our professional staff to provide our clients with a comprehensive, inclusive, and professional report that focuses on specified objectives. We will not lose sight of our clients' specific goals and will provide only relevant information regarding any potential environmental concern on-site. In a property transaction, more information is better; not enough information can be a tragedy.

Personalized investigations
Firstech Environmental can tailor a site assessment to the individual needs of our clients. In one instance, a potential buyer was interested in documenting the soil quality surrounding a residential building on a property, knowing that the area was once used in the textile industry.

Firstech Environmental completed an assessment at the subject site, focusing on metal content near surface soils. We found that the soils underlying the site contained metal concentrations in excess of the NJDEP's Soil Cleanup Standards, which would have been a concern for children playing in the yard. This due diligence investigation provided the client with specific information for negotiations during the property closing and an estimate for site remediation.

Time constraints
Time always plays an important part in the sale of the property. Firstech Environmental recognizes this issue and addresses it effectively by having a responsive staff to complete the project. Starting with the initial phone call to project completion, your time and budget is our priority.