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New Jersey groundwater treatment

Mobile groundwater treatment system

Groundwater treatment services

Impacted groundwater disposal can account for nearly 50% of the cost of a remediation project. Firstech Environmental's mobile groundwater treatment systems help to greatly reduce impacted groundwater disposal costs during site remediation. Our systems have been approved by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to treat hydrocarbon-impacted groundwater on-site during the completion of remediation projects.

Continuous dewatering of an excavation maximizes the effectiveness of a remediation by allowing for continuous work, eliminating cross contamination of soils by impacted groundwater, drawing impacted groundwater from the perimeter of the open excavation, and allowing direct removal of impacted soil otherwise covered by groundwater.

Firstech Environmental's heated mobile groundwater treatment systems can operate in any temperature and any weather, allowing us to move forward with site remediation despite weather conditions. In addition, the relatively small size and silent operation of the systems allow their use 24-hours/day immediately adjacent to occupied residential properties.

Client benefits

  • Average cost savings of approximately $10,000 or more per week of operation.
  • The silent, compact mobile unit easily parks into tight spaces.
  • Heated, fully enclosed interior of unit allows operation during all weather conditions.

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