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Customer Satisfaction

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Customer satisfaction survey

Getting it right

Firstech Environmental's key to success has always been customer satisfaction. We are consistently striving to reach our goal of 100%.

Where our ratings come from
Upon completion of a project, using an independent third party company (To Your Success), Firstech Environmental surveys customers on a monthly basis with a customer satisfaction questionnaire. On a quarterly basis these questionnaires are compiled into a quarterly report. Along with the questionnaire, any additional customer comments are recorded.

If a customer satisfaction questionnaire is returned with discrepancies, Firstech Environmental is immediately contacted and informed of the situation. A customer care representative from Firstech Environmental will immediately make every effort to address and resolve the situation in a professional and timely manner.


Better Business Bureau


For further clarification feel free to contact the independent third party survey company, To Your Success, at: 1-888-793-2429

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