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Firstech Environmental was retained to remove heating oil above ground storage tank.  We cut the tank open and used our vacuum truck to remove the remaining oil and sludge inside the tank.  Then, the tank was left in place to be examined by the local Township Inspector.  After a brief inspection of the tank by the Township Inspector, it was determined that there were no corrosion holes on the tank.  As a result, a certificate of approval was provided by the Township Inspector and the local permit was successfully closed.

A One Day Job

Our team has the equipment and experience to safely and efficiently remove your old heating oil tank. Whether you would like to make a conversion to natural gas or you just want to upgrade to a new tank, Firstech should be your first call for above ground oil tank removal.


  • Cost Effective Quote:  Firstech will provide a competitive quote for you.
  • Professional ServiceFirstech will maintain a safe and clean work area.
  • Customer Satisfaction:  Over 97% with over 700 client reviews since 2003.