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Underground heating oil tanks exist on residential and commercial properties throughout New Jersey, but a significant portion are no longer in use. These tanks were once manufactured from highly corrosive materials and can eventually leak residual oil through corrosion holes. Leaking oil tanks often go undetected for years, leading to soil and water contamination, along with other environmental concerns. When this happens, it often results in lengthy and costly site remediation projects.

Remediation of impacted soil and groundwater due to oil tank leaks involves oil tank removal along with soil and groundwater testing in the surrounding areas to determine the extent of the contamination. This not only consists of disturbing your yard/landscaping but potentially removing portions of your hardscaping (i.e., walkways and driveway) as well as supporting the house itself.

If a tank begins to leak, the cost of soil and groundwater testing and remediation are significantly higher than only removing a tank.  Prevent unwanted expenses by removing your underground oil tank before contamination issues arise. Contact us to learn more about oil tank removal in Monmouth County, NJ.  

NJDEP UST Certified Contractors for Monmouth County, NJ

Even if an underground tank is not currently leaking, there are risks associated with the removal, and you should only work with a company experienced in oil tank removal and remediation. Firstech Environmental is an NJDEP Certified environmental consulting company serving Monmouth County NJ.

We specialize in oil tank sweep and oil tank removal and provide services including soil and groundwater testing and remediation. Our team of NJDEP licensed and certified professionals work with you throughout the removal process and help you obtain the necessary permits from your municipality.

A few of our primary services are mentioned below. Learn more about our complete offering of oil tank removal and environmental consulting services in Monmouth County or contact us to schedule a consultation.  

Licensing Requirements for Underground Oil Tank Removal in NJ

Removal of underground oil tanks to prevent possible future leakage is highly recommended by the NJDEP. The Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) changed the way oil tank sites are remediated in New Jersey. Our NJDEP licensed and certified professionals have the training and expertise to oversee oil tank removal and environmental consulting in Monmouth County, NJ. When you work with Firstech Environmental for your oil tank removal or site remediation project, you will join many, many other satisfied customers who benefitted from our expert oil tank and site remediation services.   

Contact Us for Underground Oil Tank Removal Services in Monmouth County, NJ

Contact us today to learn more about oil tank removal and soil and groundwater testing and remediation in Monmouth County, NJ or request a quote for your tank project.