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New Jersey Oil Tank Cleanup & Environmental Cleanup Services

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Firstech Environmental has been a leader in oil tank cleanup in New Jersey for over 20 years. We offer complete environmental cleanup capabilities, from tank location to tank removal to full site remediation. No matter how large or small your oil tank cleanup project may be, Firstech are the site remediation contractors you need for environmentally-friendly, green cleanup.

Firstech has provided oil tank removal, cleanup, and impacted soil/groundwater cleanup for over 1,000 projects, serving clients all across New Jersey. We’ve earned a 98% customer satisfaction rating and 4.9/5.0 star ratings on two independent customer review sites. View some of our customer reviews to see what past clients have to say about our oil tank cleanup services, then contact Firstech to discuss your environmental cleanup project.


Complete, Start-to-Finish Oil Tank Cleanup & Site Remediation

The state of New Jersey has some of the nation’s most stringent environmental regulations in regards to underground oil tanks. A leaking or otherwise damaged tank can be a major hurdle if you’re looking to sell a property, and to get the job done right on your oil tank cleanup project, you need an oil tank removal contractor you can trust. That’s why you need Firstech—we can do it all.

In some cases, oil tank removal is as simple as locating the tank underground, excavating soil above the tank, properly cleaning the tank, and removing it from the ground. If there are no issues, closure papers will be provided by the township or other governing body, and the job is complete.

But our real specialty is complete site remediation. If your underground oil tank has leaked, we will develop a multi-step plan for identifying how large an area has been impacted by the leaking oil tank and then cleaning up, or “remediating,” the contaminated soil and/or groundwater in that area. Through soil sample testing and analysis, our expert team will delineate the plume, or affected area, around the former tank location in order to determine how large an area has been impacted by the tank leak. Based on the extend of the impacted area, Firstech will prepare a site remediation plan to address the specific area to be implemented accordingly.


Customized Environmental Cleanup Solutions

Since every oil tank cleanup project is different, Firstech will prepare a site remediation solution that is unique to your situation. Following soil analysis process, we will develop a custom environmental cleanup plan that covers every step of the process from start to finish. We are NJDEP-licensed site remediation professionals (LSRPs) and are New Jersey’s leading underground oil tank cleanup specialists. Contact us today!