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NJ Mold remediation serviceMold remediation may be necessary if you suspect your home is showing signs of a mold problem.  Severe health problems may be linked to the presence of mold and the removal needs to be handled by a professional.

A typical mold investigation will require the following:

  • An assessment of the area, ensuring there is no hidden mold and to identify the moisture problem
  • Any existing moisture problems will need to be rectified in order to prevent future growth
  • Large areas of mold will require proper disposal
  • Air ducts and all ventilation equipment must be checked for contamination

The severity of the mold contamination will determine the steps necessary for remediation. Our trained personnel follow the procedures outlined in IIRC S520 - Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation - in an effort to properly remediate mold growth.  Following removal of existing mold and treatment of the affected surfaces, the treated areas are then encapsulated to help prevent further mold regrowth..

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